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Style Daily

your source for celebrity style

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your daily dose of celebrity style

Welcome to Style Daily, a community dedicated to celebrity style.

General Rules
This community is a place to view & post photos of your favorite celebrities. The main focus in this community is celebrity style - please, no celebrity gossip! Just post photos. Place your opinions in a respectful manner - no drama! Note: the word "celebrity" includes but is not entirely limited to: actors, musicians, fashion models, socialites, etc.

Posting Format
Every post you make must have at least one photo in it. All posts are moderated by the community's maintainer, so please allow at least 48 hrs. for your posts to go through. To make sure your post is approved, please make sure all your photos are behind an an lj-cut. Put the names of the celebrities in the subject line. You may view an example post here!

fashioncons, haydenp_daily, heigl_daily, rosamund_fans, gaffe, fashionadd, fashionmatters, affordablestyle, flash_creations, fashionistahs

Creative members are always welcome to contribute to the look of the community. Layouts, icons, profile banners & promo banners are all appreciated! If you have some type of graphic to contribute to this community, please put it in a reply to this post.