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Welcome to STYLE DAILY. This is a community where you can view/post pictures of your favorite celebrities & what they're wearing. Please read the rules & posting format before joining! This community is MEMBERS-ONLY which means you must become a member in order to see the posts. Once you join, you are free to post as much as you want.

If you have a related community & would like to affiliate with this one, please leave a comment on this post and you will be added. Thanks and enjoy!
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I have a question - can we post pictures of male celebrities too? :)
Yes, as long as they have good style (not just cute).
Hi, I have a community called en VOGUE Girl! about fashion etc. and would like to be an affiliate of yours. The only thing is, you may have to tell me how to make an affiliate on my own page.
Here's teh URL to my community:
Really you just have to make a list of affiliates in your user info, just like I did with Style Daily's userinfo.


9 years ago

id like to be added please :)
Do you want to affiliate with haydenp_daily, heigl_daily & rosamund_fans? ♥
Sure! I'll add all of those right now.


9 years ago

I'd like to be added:)
I'd like to be added please? (;
add please :]
+1 please! )
add me, please)
Please add me as a member!!
me too please
hey,pls add me)
Add please?

Oh, and would you like to affiliate with bennie_icons ?

Please and thanks :)

i'm curious, i found these community and i'm interested on celebrities images focus on streetstyle. of course chloë sevigny mood is a perfect example.
affiliate with indossare? ; )
add me, please)
hi add me please?
id like to be added please :)
add me, please :)
here's a pic of Audrina from the Hills @ Kira Plastinina's event

I'd like to be added. ;)
add me
add ? (:
add me please!)
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